Casein / Gouache Painting - Waxahachie, Tx

9/9/2021 - 9/12/2021


Outdoor Painters Society
Waxahachie, Texas
United States
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Tina Bohlman


Let's get creative and try something new. Casein! Or Gouache! Both are great mediums to work in and have very similar properties.

Casein is the oldest paint known to man...and one of the least expensive. A huge advantage for any artist.

After brief introductions and discussion of the day's events, students will learn to dive into these great mediums with attributes of watercolor and acrylic. Spencer demonstrates step-by-step, teaching design principles as he teaches you how to work with casein / gouache. Bring whatever of these two mediums you have. They behave very similarly and both are a joy to paint with.


Bring your own lunch or enjoy the local cuisine. 


Casein / Gouache Supply List

Suggested listing of supplies - feel free to bring anything you like to paint with.

Paints – Shiva Casein from Jack Richeson

 A warm and cool of each primary (red, yellow and blue)

Pthalo Green

Raw Sienna



Brushes - #’s 4, 8, 12 round; 1/4", ½”, ¾”, 1”  flat;  Again, if you have something similar to these don't spend money buying brushes just for this workshop. Whatever you have and are comfortable with is good. 

Have at least 2 9x12 panels for each day of class and maybe a few smaller ones for experimentation (5x7 or so). I like to paint on Hobby Lobby's Master's Touch watercolor panel. They are inexpensive and have almost a linen quality to them. You can use larger or smaller if you like. I also like masonite hardboards with three or four coats of gesso brushed on. This gives a nice finish to paint on as well.


Bring anything else you like to paint with.